We have received those letters many times until we came up with the idea they need to have bigger audience.
If you wish to received any updates when they are updated please feel free to let us know and we shall make sure to send you a note whenever a new article will arrive.

Billy said:

I like to think of them as 'holy-day' notices, or
letters. I started this service as a way of reminding people who had
lived in Kathmandu about the festivals, and then I started sending them to other friends, in a way as a reminder that there are 'real'
calendars with real holy-days, not just shopping days... Eventually
some people I don't know asked to receive, also. This is a letter from Kathmandu, and it's mostly about holy-days and festivals in Kathmandu,
which connects with the general Hindu calendar, and also the Tibetan
calendar is included.

Love and Pranams,

who is Billy? http://nepalitimes.com/article/Nepali-Times-Buzz/circumambulating-with-swayambhu-billy,2193

July August 2017

Janmashthami (Augus 14)

Gunla July 24 - August 22

May June 2017

Saka Dawa (may 26- June 24)

April 2017
New year Vikram Sambar 20174 (April 14)

March 2017
Ghora Jatra (March 27)
Holi (March 5-12)

February 2017
Lhosar Year of the fire-bird (2144)
Mahashivaratri (Feb 24/25)

January 2017
Swasthani Brata Katha (Jan 12 - Feb 11)
Sonam Losar (Jan 28)
Maghe snan  Jan 15 - February 11 Shree Swasthani Brata Katha

December 2016
kartikai deepam (Dec 12)

November 2016  
balacaturdasi (Nov 28)
Buddha Decents from Heaven (Nov20)
Tihar (Diwali Oct 28 - Nov 1) part 3

Tihar (Diwali Oct 28- Nov 1) part 2

October 2016
Tihar part 1 october 25 - November 1 part 1
Dasain3 - Vijaya Dasami (october 11) and onwards
Dasain 2 - Phulpati
Ghatastaphana (ocotber1)

September 2016
Inbdra Jatra/ Kumari Jatra (sept 13-20)
Teej/ Ganesh Chathurdy (Sept 3-6)

August 2016
Jan Mashthami (August 25)
Janai Purni/Gal Jatra/Mata Ya (August 18,18,29)
Ghantakama (August 1st)
Gunla (August 3- Sept 2)
Chorkor Duchen (August 7)
Nag Panchami (August 7)

July 2016
Harishayani Ekadasi (15 July)
Guru Purnima (july 19)

May 2016
Saka Dawa (May 21 , 2016)
Mata Tirtha Aunshi - Nepali Motherīs Day (May 6)

April 2016
New Year Vikran Sambat 2073 (April 2013)

 Pahachare Festival
Ghora Jatra (April 7)

March 2016
Holi (March 16-23)