it wasn´t even on the calender...
Pahachare, the three-day festival of the Newar community, has begun. Meaning inviting guests in Newari, the festival begins every year on the Chaitra Krishna Pakcha Chaturdashi (second half of a lunar month).

On the occasion, eight goddesses at different Shaktipiths (power centres) including Kankeshwori, Bhadrakaali and Mahankal are said to be activated through tantrik rites.

On the first day, people clean their surroundings and sewage considering it a worship of Lukumahadev. In the morning, they perform pujas and sacrifice animals. A feast begins at Ason where palanquins (khat) are dashed against each other beside the Annapurna temple. It is regarded as a symbol of meeting sisters. In the evening, idols of goddesses are taken around the city in a khat.

On the second day (Ghode Jatra), palaquins are placed in Tundikhel. An inebriated horse is also made to run in Patan. People invite their married daughters and sisters home for a grand feast on the second and third days.

“People clean drains and their surroundings. As germs and insects breed in the summer in dirty places, cleaning such places also wards off health hazards,” said culture expert Padam Shrestha

Photo; Skanda Gautam

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