Image of Mother at Mata Tirtha

The last day of the wanning moon in the lunar month of Vaisakh, just before the new moon day, is celebreated in Nepal as ¨Mother´s Face looking day¨. Everybody who can. visits their mother with gifts for her. and receives her blessing. In Kathmandu Valley, those whos mother is dead, make the pilgrimage to the ponds of Mata-titha. on the outskirts of the Valley, near Thankot.

The sacred Pond at Mata Tirtha

Here, in ancient times, a young cowherd, grieving after his mother, came to this place on this day, and made an offering to her near one of the ponds.  Miraculously, his mother's face appeared in the water, and her hand accepted the food.  Since then, people come to Mata-tirtha on this dark of the moon day in the lunar month of Vaishakh, in the hope of seeing their deceased mother's face in the water, and many do.  Only now, people don't stare too closely at the pond, because legend has it that a certain girl jumped into the water and drowned, when she saw her mother's face in it

So, on this day I wish you the good fortune to be able to look upon your mother's face, and/or the warmth of her love and blessings.

Mother May on Mother Ganga in 1974

Love and pranams,