Numerology basics

I find numerology a great tool of communication and understanding.
The simplicity of numerology Method to calculate the pros and cons attracted me especially as a a lover of "short-cuts"

The first step I usually do, is deducting all numbers into single digit number.
For Example: the number 12 is actually 1+2=3  while the number 147 is 1+4+7=12=1+2=3 as well.

However, before we start analyzing the meaning of digits locations in numerology chart lets take a look at some basic information, in regard to the digits 1-9.
some of you may ask what about the number 10 , which is actually 1+0=1.

1-9 influences: positive, negative, elements and health

1 - Positive Influences:   primordial, beginning, self confidence, individuality, clarity, leadership, superiority.
     Negative  influences: rebellion, loneliness, not attentive to others,  pride. : 
     Health aspects: Head zone, the mind, and the ears
     Element of Air
2 - Positive Influences:   Romance, friendship, alternatives, consideration, co operation
     Negative  influences: Low self-esteem, hypocrisy ,  doubts, manipulation, dramatic, attention disorder
     Health aspects: The heart, the legs.
      Element of Air
3 - Positive Influences:   Luck, Creativity, Active, dynamic, practical
     Negative  influences: anger, lack of patience, greedy, jealous
     Health aspects: Digestion system and the liver. .
      Element of Fire
4- Positive Influences:   stability, loyalty honesty, protective, correct
     Negative  influences: stubbornness, inflexible, possessive, controlling, materialist
     Health aspects: The spine and the bones
      Element of Earth
5 - Positive Influences:   Communication, Transformation, social, adjusting, mediator, marketing
     Negative  influences:  Rebellion, curiosity , multi tasking, non discipline, trickery , dishonest.
     Health aspects:  Throat  , nerve system and mental disorder, allergies.
     Element of Air
6 - Positive Influences:   maternal, warm, sensual, sensitive, beauty
     Negative  influences: secretes, lack of communication, childlike behavior, tempted easily, needy.
     Health aspects: The sex organs , the kidney, and the urine system
     Element of Water.
7 - Positive Influences:   Liberty, spirituality, freedom, fast thinking, sharp observation.
     Negative  influences: illusion,  unexpected events and risks, judgmental, over thinker
     Health aspects: the Lungs
      Element of Fire and Air.
8 - Positive Influences:   justice, balance, prosperity, maternal, responsible
      Negative  influences: introvert,  addiction, attachments, perfectionism, worry, self criticism
      Health aspects: The lungs the Diaphragm and the heart. tendency for terminal disease.
      Element of Earth
9 - Positive Influences:  wisdom, teachings gifts, music talents, idealism, visionary, spiritual,
      Negative  influences: lonely, depressed, no communication, departures, death, hard lessons
      Health aspects: Head and the heart.
       Element of Air.

the digit 10 (1+0) bring us back to 1,

from then on all numbers actually can be deducted to one digit numbers unless we bump into 11 or 22 which consider master numbers, and rule the kingdom of karma, coincidence and wizards . they represent the nerves system and the metabolism of our blood cells , the secrets of existence and grant those who has them in their personal chart, sharp intuition and paranormal gifts.

Now that we has some idea about numerology basics we can examine how is all that take expression in our daily life and what use we can do with that info.

I have been practicing numerology over 20 years now and provide personal charts, teachings and counseling via the net.
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