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My name is Inbal (AKA Thinker bell) and I am experienced psychic.

My Experience:

Started my way reading Tarot cards as a street artist, and traveled the world giving sessions (private and groups), teaching and producing mystical events, for the past 20+ years.

During that time,  I have purchased the knowledge of Palm reading and Astrology, developed a unique method of using Numerology for accurate analyzing and obtained a degree of Master teacher in Reiki healing.
I have also explored the knowledge of medicinal herbs, working with crystals and basic Feng-shui, Eastern traditional medicine and other healing methods to support our mental and physical good shape.
My goal is to help us all to achieve peace, harmony and understanding of each other so we can  become part of the One that we are. After all these years I discovered,  that many solutions in life start with one simple step toward love and kindness and that if you add some humor to it you can get a nice dish of happiness.
Let me show you how...

What I offer during my reads:

1) Quality - I do not agree with the saying  " psychic advice is for entertainment only". Although life themselves can be very entertaining your troubles or misfortune are not a matter of fun or joke to me and I am taking them as seriously as if they were mine.

2) Accuracy - I am here to give you the best information I recieved for you during a read and I stand behind any read I give. if you felt during a read that you have been given inccurate information it is important you will tell me about it and allow me to see what went wrong and why. I feel that by doing so I am not only giving you the service you deserve and paid for but also giving chance  to myself learning more how to improve my skills and services.

3) Fast service - My e-readings takes up to 24 hours to arrive you. In the usuall caourse if I recieved all inforamtion needed to preform one it will take much less.
when chat session taking place you will find fast typing and streaming session.
I know many times the issue in stake are "burning issues" and do not like to leave you "biting nails" until the read arrives you - as soon as you order a read you will get a reply stating when you can expect to recieve a reply and if its a matter of urgency I will do my best to help you asap.

4) Love and compassion are always at hand and when I preform a read I "become" you,  so I can offer you the most help needed and see things the way  you observe them before I offer my solutions. I believe we are all One and that using love and compassion toward all is at most important. even if the news are negative and not so happy - still I am here to support you and help you pass through it and when offer negative information it will not come without suggestion how to solve it or at least make it easier to handle .

5) free stuff - some of you met me already in other places and know my motto: if you are in great poverty and urgent need I am here for you,  and will try to provide you with at least SOS session or solutions until you get better. 
My work is not only about the earning and THE GIVING IS GIVING

My services

1) E-reads (reading done via mail to your inbox) - Personal overview, relationship, immediate quest and time frames, fertility issue and plans, location and real estate decisions, career moves and prospects, personal overview include year ahead prediction - all will arrive you at the privacy of your desktop and email address.

2) online chat session - the opportunity to have a streaming online chat that will cover much of your confusion and help you find immediate or long term solutions for troubles that bother you , is offered to you 24 hours via several chat rooms at your convinience. I have chat rooms with MSN, YAHOO, GOOGLE.  and SKYPE.  
I can provide Audio/Video sessions as well at your request but for that we shall have to set a speicific time and date.
I  provide all my clients with access at least to one of my chat monitors links so if they come up with some need they were not aware of they can buzz in and drop me a word and see if we can think something together - Unfortunatelly I am no able to have all day long chat sessions so I kindly ask this option to be used only in urgent cases. 

3) Phone reads are available to you as well and i can provide home or cell phone number . at your convinience.

4) Teachings: I  give private teachings of  the Tarot,  Numerology and basic Palmistry - If you feel attracted to learn one of those skills feel free to ask me for more details.

5) every once in a while i offer special promotion deals for e-readings and if you register with me I can update you about them.
if you wish to register please email me


E-reads - $50
Chat sessions - $1 per min or $40 per one hour chat (include Audio/Video chat)
Calrifications, short questions, intruduction mutual time - free of charge 

every year between October to January the year after, yearly predictions e-reads will be provided for 10 US Dollars only.                  

My arms are open to embrace you for magic journey into your own wonder self

Feel free to contact me for any details at the following:

Contact details:
Google :
Phone :   0052 1 6241056124

Sending you much happiness and love,

Inbal (thinker-bell)


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